The Things That Set Fabletics Apart

Some people think that Amazon is the king of ecommerce and that nobody can beat it. However, those people were proven wrong by Fabletics. Fabletics is a unique company that has shattered the image of Amazon being a king of ecommerce which can not have any competition from anyone.


Fabletics is a unique company. They have unique methods and a unique business model. They have a unique customer service strategy and unique company values. It is because of this uniqueness that they were able to start a crack in Amazon’s twenty percent monopoly of the online commerce world.


Fabletics has many unique business ideas, but one of those is their reverse showroom engineering technique. What most businesses fear the most from the online world is that people will enter their store to try on products that they plan to buy online from elsewhere. Of course, this is not fair to the business owners who want people to buy from them, but that is the way it is, and many business owners have no idea how to combat this trend. However, Fabletics does. They are able to combat it by having a multichannel store. Meaning, not only can you buy from them online, but you can buy from them in their physical stores. That is why you can enter a store and you can try out clothing, even if you do not plan on buying it, because the item will be added to your online shopping cart so that you can buy it later if you choose to do so. The fact is that a large bulk of their shoppers either already are members of the Fabletics subscription service or become members while they are in the store.


That is far from the only thing that Fabletics does differently in their physical stores. There are many other techniques that set them apart. For example, there is their reliance on heavy and deep data in order to please their customers. By knowing exactly what their customers want, they are able to bring them the best products and give them the best possible experience. For example, by looking at online trends, they can see what people want in specific locations, and then stock the stores with those items.


Fabletics is fortunate to have Kate Hudson, the famous actress, on their team, as she is also a great marketing whiz who has helped them achieve much success.

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