Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson (aka “Hutch”) is a business entrepreneur with a passion and focus on inspiring and educating people on the preservation of the world’s wilderness areas for all future generations. Learn more:


Raised in Australia with a life surrounded by the bush only ignited a natural passion for the wilderness and it’s beauty. At age 19, Mark established UNTAMED, an adventure company that evolved into a highly successful ecotourism and training business, AVANA. In 2016, It was only natural that Mark would launch WildArk. The heart of this business is focused on protecting as much of the world’s biodiversity as possible by reconnecting people with nature and all of it’s wonders.


WildArk now has it’s first conservancy in the Kruger Region of South Africa. It’s mission is to build safe havens for different species and their protection.


Mark has a Bachelors of Economics from The University of Sydney. He also has an MBA from INSEAD Business School, France. Presently Mark is working on a Masters of Conservation in Biology at Marquarie University. He is a entrepreneur that has the knowledge and the experience of growing a successful business. This includes the good and the ugly, but with no regrets because of his understanding of the importance of his life’s work. Learn more:


Mark enjoys surfing and spending time with his family. Mark would say that he’s not very technical. In fact, he limits his access to computers to twice daily. This allows him to stay focused and in tune with his surroundings of the wilderness.


Mark has strong beliefs that everyone has a contribution to protect the world’s wilderness. He’s always seeking and open to finding new ideas to get more people involved in conservation and it’s importance.


Mark is a simple man with a huge goal to empower entrepreneurs, nature lovers, families, and honestly anyone that has a passion or anyone that has missed the importance of the great wilderness. Learn more: