What is The Oxford Club and what do they offer?

The Oxford Club is not just any club, it’s for those who want to make money and keep their wealth. It is a global and private network of successful entrepreneurs and investors. They find unique investment opportunities that consistently outperform the stock market. These investment strategies and principles are tested over time to work. The club is dedicated to creating long lasting and abundant wealth for their members who want to enjoy the finer things in life. Their expert strategist analyzes growing trading ideas and market trends that they provide to members. They find on the most profitable investments with the lowest amount of risk. Their newsletter services include 12 distinct trading services and three daily online letters. They also publish three monthly newsletters and add in several different publications. The Oxford Club also offers three different membership levels starting at the Premier Membership, to The Director’s Circle, to the The Chairman’s Circle. The benefits of each level vary, and increase when you go up in levels. The Chairman’s Circle level receive the most benefits including lifetime access to the club’s publications. They also have direct contact with the virtual concierge they call the Chairman’s Circle liaison. On top of that members get to meet new business connections and share investment tips at prestigious venues all across the world. To join you have to pay a one lifetime membership fee and a annual maintenance fee.

Founded in 1989, The Oxford Club is a group of private investors and entrepreneurs located all over the globe. The cover a number of unique investments that are not usually seen on the market. These include precious metals, funds, real estate, options, bonds, collectibles, currencies, and cover equities. Members also get to connect with a high level of business and social connections if they join the club.

Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director for The Oxford Club in 2011. He previously worked at PBS as the Nightly Business Report journalist. The exclusive club is located in Baltimore, Maryland and has members in 131 different countries. It has 50 to 200 employees and over 157,000 members.