Robert Thikoll Has Brought His Vision To Ingersoll Rand

Robert Thikoll joined Ingersoll Rand in 2014. He is the Vice President of Operational Excellence at the company. Robert specializes in lean management initiatives. He is dedicated to excellence and supporting the vision of his team. Robert makes sure that he and his staff deliver to type of leadership that makes a positive impact on the organization. Thikoll spends his time with leaders of the company to develop the proper procedures that bring the corporation to a common working objective. Lean principles are important and must be maintained while holding strong to the basic culture of the company and its primary mission.

Robert Thikoll was at Danaher before Ingersoll Rand. He worked there from 2000 to 2015. Robert held several roles throughout his years at Danaher including Vice President of Global Operations. He won several award at Danaher before moving on to Ingersoll Rand.

Robert Thikoll maintains a successful work pattern by staying very conscious of his schedule. He understands that it affects everything he is involved in. Thikoll sticks strongly to the practice of building his day around his habits. He likes to front load the morning with activities when he has the most energy. The afternoon hours are for interaction with team members and mentoring others in order to promote personal development. Administrative agendas such as returning emails and paperwork are saved for later in the day.

Robert Thikoll is a firm believer in teamwork. He understands that problem solving is a part of every successful business evolution. He gives his team members a voice and makes sure that they feel a part of the decision-making processes. Human relations are the hallmark of personal development. Thikoll believes that people are what make technology valuable.

Obstacles are a part of conducting business. They can often be very intimidating when first recognized. Thikoll has made a habit of taking complicated issues head-on and not allowing them to disrupt the long-term goals of his team’s agenda. A leader must not force there vision on others. Everyone has a reason for feeling the way they do. A leader is better served understanding why a person has a method that is different from theirs.

Robert Thikoll got his education at Arizona State University. He majored in Political Science and Asian studies.