The Oxford Club Says This To Investors

Everybody who’s ever stowed money away in investments know just how difficult generating returns from investing is, at least on a consistent basis. Finding meaningful advice on the World Wide Web – really any source that doesn’t cost oodles of money – is extremely difficult.

One of the leading executives and contributors at The Oxford Club, Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist, authored an article two weeks ago that informed readers of some of the most basic strategies to keep in mind to succeed in investing. Although they’re so simple, many investors fail to consider them and intertwine them throughout their investing techniques.

The 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey Indicated Poor Savings Across Americans

Most Americans don’t have enough money saved up to make it through just one year as retirees.

But what does saving money have to do with investing?

If people, Americans or otherwise, don’t have sufficient stores of money to support themselves, then they become tempted to dip into money stored as investments.

You Need To Maintain A Balanced Portfolio

Rebalancing means switching up investments, namely those that have performed really well over the past few years. You need to buy low, and sell high, not hold investments forever once they’ve peaked.

Be A Passive Investor

Frequent trading costs tons of money, and has also been shown to be less effective than holding financial instruments for long periods of time.

The Oxford Club

In 1989, The Oxford Club was founded in Florida. Today, it is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Oxford Club regularly sends out information to its members to make sure they understand what’s popular in the world of investing, and strategies to actually get ahead and improve themselves. It still continues to regularly pump out quality material to 157,000 members.