How Trailblazer Doe Deere Became a Success

As someone who has blazed a new trail within the industry of cosmetics, Doe Deere is often asked about her journey to success. Anyone who has seen her line of cosmetics or photos of Doe, would quickly surmise she is not afraid of expressing herself. Often shown with brightly colored hair in shades of pink, green or blue, this female entrepreneur describes herself as being passionate about her freedom of expression. This passion led her to attend New York’s FIT in the hopes of creating her own line of fashionable clothing. She was pleasantly surprised by the following she received after posting images of herself in her fashions, which she had accented with her own unique style of makeup.


Although Doe Deere has become known for the innovative colors in her line of Lime Crime cosmetics, she had once dreamed of becoming a musician. Having moved to New York from Russia as an adolescent, she found herself motivated by the diverse culture found in areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan. In reflecting on her time spent in a band, she views it as a learning experience from which she obtained helpful insights into the world of business. During this time, she collaborated on writing songs with a band member who would eventually become her husband. This taught her how to work well with other individuals within the world of business. Learn more:


As a representative of her Lime Crime line of makeup, Doe Deere still utilizes her creativity to capture her looks for others to see. While these photos have become a point of inspiration for many others looking to unleash their own creative individuality, Ms. Deere did not always think of herself as a trailblazer. In fact, she often thought she was alone in her desire to have more vibrant colors available for cosmetics. The lessons she learned along the path to success are ones she is quick to share with others interested in creating their own successful enterprise.


When providing advice based on her own experiences, Doe Deere often speaks about following an inner passion. She believes every person has something unique to offer the world, which they can tap into by being in touch with their inner voice. The passion or love someone has for their unique talent is what will fuel them to succeed, just as her love of creativity fueled her to experiment with makeup colors that became the foundation for her company.