Jorge Moll role in revolutionizing health sector in Brazil

Jorge Moll is the owner of one of the biggest Hospital Group in Brazil, D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching. Moll for some years now has been advocating for the use of technology to improve the effectiveness of medicine around the world. His ideas are in sync with the direction of advancement in research globally such that it is rare to mention the importance of technology without hearing how it has helped shape the world of medicine (IDOR).


In the United States, for example, technology has infiltrated almost all the production sectors and manufacture of both goods and services. But notably, use of technology in the healthcare industry has opened the horizon of opportunities.


For this reason, Dr. Albert Chan, the current vice president of one of the second largest healthcare network in the US came to Brazil to spread the message. Dr Chan is going around the country teaching mainly the trends and how to incorporate technology to improve how health centers register and serve patients.


He gave an example of Google Glass technology that has made it easier for physicians to get all the necessary information concerning a patient with just single voice command. Use of such techniques has been proven to improve the delivery of services and to make the process more personalized (


The patient will be getting 100 percent attention since the doctor won’t have to consult files or other sources that could waste time. Also, use of technology eliminates instances of human error and therefore increasing the safety and raising trust on the medical prescriptions as well as the results.

Interestingly, smartphones and tablets are gaining vital position and usage in medicine industry; consider that over half of the world’s population possesses at least one Smartphone.


Phone applications are being introduced that help patients make appointments without having to make any phone calls.


Such innovations indicate a bright future for medicine. We hope that every health sector in Brazil including, hospitals, entrepreneurs such as Jorge Moll, startups, and investors among others will help us achieve these goals. It has been proven once and again that teamwork makes dream work. It is therefore necessary for all the economic stakeholders to work hand in hand to realize these objectives.