All About Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry is an innovative new kitchen cabinet solution. Developed by Corsi Group, a company with over 40 years of experience, Siteline solves all the problems that keep custom cabinetry out of the average homeowner’s reach. Founder Pat Corsi has always worked to bring the best cabinetry solutions to the most people. With new production processes, the industry is being revolutionized.

The Siteline line of kitchen cabinets launched in 2015. Since then, designers and homeowners haven’t been able to get enough of this product. Individualized solutions are no longer out of reach for the average American homeowner. These cabinets can be produced in standard or custom sizes. There’s a configuration that will fit any kitchen space. And the number of looks available is nearly unlimited. Everything from glossy foils to wood laminates is available. This line offers everything from the rustic to the futuristic. There’s truly something for everyone.

This line’s cabinets are also totally on-trend. The popular distressed wood look is available in several finishes. Perennial favorites like metal with frosted glass, and plain white doors, are also available. Best of all, Siteline Cabinetry has tools to make your re-design go smoothly. They’ve broken the kitchen remodel process down into eight simple steps.

The Siteline difference is seen in competitive pricing, quick lead times and an amazing selection. There are over 200 combinations of materials and finishes available. Siteline also makes a line of accessories, including handles, drawer pulls and hinge options. For people with limited time on their hands, this company offers pre-made cabinets, as well.

Based in Keysville, Virginia, Siteline Cabinetry makes its cabinets with the most modern equipment. They also have facilities in West Virginia and Indiana. This company makes cabinets with the best available pre-engineered materials. They’ve really made an impact in the home remodeling business.