Eli Gershkovitch putting Canadian Craft Beer on the Global Map

The beer has been a part of the Canadian social fabric for a long time. The first brewery in the country was established in the late 1660s and much more follow up to this very day. However, in recent years, Canada has created a name for itself for its mastery of craft beer. The art of making craft beer has become a point of pride among most Canadian brewers, and the Canadian public has become increasingly attracted to craft beer.



These dynamics have worked concurrently to herald the emergence of a robust craft beer industry in Canada. The number of craft beer brewers has grown exponentially over the past decade, tallying at 610 brewers in 2015 compared to 90 brewers in 2006. While a majority of these brewers are based in or around the major cities such as Quebec, Ontario, and B.C, the craft beer craze has spread into the countryside as well (LinkedIn). Now, many microbreweries are springing up in areas that are a good distance from the major cities and towns. The craft beer industry ha began challenging for a considerable portion of the beer market in the country. This creates the perfect playing ground for a healthy competition between the craft beer breweries and other breweries which had prior dominated the market.



It is perhaps in anticipation of such a scenario that Eli Gershkovitch shunned a career in law and chose, instead, to start a brewing empire. Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and chief executive officer of Steamworks Breweries. Steamworks Breweries is a craft beer brewer based in Ontario, Canada. It has created a niche for itself for producing some of the best craft beer and marketing the Canadian craft beer industry to the world. The man at the helm of this company, Eli Gershkovitch, is a lawyer by profession.



Eli Gershkovitch started Steamworks in 1995, long before craft beer became popular. He was inspired by a trip he took across Europe which brought in close contact with craft beer for the first time in Heidelberg, Germany. It is this experience that he would seek to introduce into the Canadian market and perhaps popularize in the country. However, he did more than just popularize craft beer in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch created a brewing empire which would grow beyond the country’s borders and make a name for itself the world over.



The 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship proved just that, as Steamworks Brewers Eli Gershkovitch was recognized for putting Canadian craft beer on the global map (http://www.westender.com/eat-drink/steamworks-is-much-more-than-a-brew-pub-1.879352).


Daniel Mark Harrison: Setting the Pace in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Daniel Mark Harrison is a respectable figure in business and cryptocurrency sectors. This is because of the significant moves he has been making. Also, Mr. Harrison has made great strides in other fields as a blockchain evangelist, a businessman, an author, among other industries. In the past, Harrison has also been described as a journalist. Simply put, he is a trade master with the right perception about business and life in general. Harrison traces his education background from several institutions where he was imparted. In 1998, Harrison attended University of Oxford where studied theology for one year. He also holds a BA and an MBA, which he earned from BI Norwegian Business School between 2005 and 2006. As if that was not enough, Daniel Mark Harrison enrolled at New York University in 2007, where he pursued a master’s degree in journalism.

Explore More of Harrison’s Professional Responsibilities

Daniel Mark Harrison wholly owns and manages Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd., where he has been serving since October 2015. In this venture, also abbreviated as DMH&CO, Harrison mainly takes care of the assets belonging to him and his family. As it is, the company’s daily duties revolve around management of estates that are owned by his family. They have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. As at now, the venture holds an international position considering that its presence and reputation has gone global. At the same time, Harrison served at Monkey Capital as a managing partner since 2016, a position he holds till date.

Embracing Success by Borrowing From Harrison’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial Path

Undoubtedly, Daniel Mark Harrison is a contemporary businessman with a lot to offer. By observing his trends, you will realize that he is a real innovator. Going by the rate at which technology is growing, cryptocurrency is definitely the way to go. During Harrison’s tenure at CoinSpeaker, an editorial firm, the level of readership grew significantly to over 45,000 per month. Harrison has a unique way of handling issues from diverse fields, which is as a result of his total devotion. Every businessperson has something to pick from Daniel Mark Harrison.

Louis Chenevert – Combining Zeal and Devotion to Triumph

Louis Chenevert is a man of admiration and inspiration, born in Quebec Louis attended University of Montreal unit of business school and he later attained his production management bachelor’s degree. His career has been a swift one with much recognition, including holding of high office positions. Through his dedication unique personality and passion, he has moved various companies to success and growth.

All years, he has served as the General Motors, United Technologies Corporation, and Goldman Sachs Group. Louis has held high positions in these companies, and at General Motors’ he spent 14 years in a various leadership capacity. At United Technologies Corporation, Louis held the position of the president and moved the companies to win significant contracts with America Government. Louis Chenevert believes that a robust and reliable human resource is what drives business to growth. He ensures that his employees get the best education and advice they need to perform their duty to maximum success.

Louis Chenevert recently became the advisor or Goldman Sachs Group where he guides them on various development and consultation services to move their banking unit to profit. The strong foundation that Louis laid at United Technologies Corporation has enabled the company to dominate in the aerospace industry seeking out various opportunities and have an edge competitive advantage. It was Chenevert brilliant ideas that saw united technologies corporation overcome the devastating subprime recession and emerge a favorable economic landscape dominating the market.

The marvel and unique manufacture of Geared Turbofan engine was the genius child of Louis who worked hard with his dedicated team to ensure the project was a success and dominated the industry globally. The program made the company acquire a multi-billion project of manufacturing and delivering F-35 engines to the Government of America. Since joining Goldman Sachs Group in 2015, the company has experienced tremendous growth and profits due to Louis learned skills and zeal.

Louis Chenevert in 2011 was named the person of the year by the Aviation week and space technology which is a U.S aviation trade magazine. He also received Honor award in the year 2009 from National Building Museum and in May 2011 from HEC Montreal, Louis was honored with an honorary doctorate.

A Brief History About Gregory J Aziz

Gregory Aziz is the president, CEO as well as the chairman of the National Steel Car. This is one the world’s leading railroad freight engineering and manufacturing companies. It’s located in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a prominent visionary businessman born on 3oth April 1949 in London, Ontario.

Gregory Aziz Academic Background

He joined Ridley College and then specialized in economist later in the Western Ontario University. After his education, he joined his family in a wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. In 1971, 16 years later, his company grew to become the leading worldwide importer of mint foods from, Europe, Central and South America. It was by the then the principal distributor of fresh foods in wholesale markets all over the US and in Eastern Canada.


He then became an all-around banker in New York. After many banking business opportunities in New York in both the early 1990s and the early 1980s, Greg Aziz managed to organize the buying of National Steel Car which was under the management and ownership of Dofasco in 1994. He bought this company with the objective of transforming this famous Canadian company into North American leading railroad freight car manufacturer. As the CEO of this Company, he strongly emphasized on team-building as well as strong engineering capability through logical human resource as well as considerably capital investment. Get More Information Here.


It was through his input and effort by 1999 that the company increased its level of production from 3500 cars to 12000 cars per year. The rate of employment consequently increased from approximately 600 workers to 3000 workers. This is clear indication of significant improvement in this particular company that is an open sign that Greg Aziz is an outstanding businessman dedicated to massive changes. He was a famous and visionary businessman working round the clock to ensure that each of his goals is met to the best of his capability.


This company works with the will of its customers at heart. It currently the leading company in new car innovations regarding features and designs. National Steel Company stand to be the only manufacturing company as well as railroad freight car engineering certified ISO 9001: 2008. It has managed to maintain this ranking for the past 18 years through several rounds recertification. This company has also been continuously awarded TTX SECO which stands to be the highest quality award since 1996.