Eric Lefkofsky: The Respected Chief Executive Officer of Tempus

Almost 40 percent of the people living in America suffer from cancer related illness, and you might be knowing someone who has suffered such an illness as well. According to research institutes, the number of people living with cancer had increased to at least 14 percent and it is expected to rise even further in the year 2024. Fortunately, the trends seems to be changing due to the introduction of companies such as Tempus. This is a company that deals with data-enabled medicine which was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky.

Tempus is striving to bring in Electronic Health records which are seen to be playing a very great role in the medical field. The health sector has experienced a positive boost from the technology sector in a big way. After Eric’s wife was at diagnosed with cancer, that’s when he got a real close up with a tough experience. He also learned that there was a very big gap left in the collection of data and technology that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Although many companies collect a lot of data about patients and disease diagnosis, there is no way that data is used being used in any effective manner and read full article.

The Tempus Company was established to help close that gap in cancer treatment. It deals with analyzing both clinical and molecular data of the patient using the latest technology. By use of an analytic software, the company is finding ways developing an affordable and accessible cancer treatment. This has not yet been actualized yet. Another problem Tempus is facing is the means of finding the data written by the doctors in the form of progress notes.


About Eric Lefkosky

Apart from being a founder of Tempus, Eric is also the Chief Executive Officer of the same organization. He has been in the forefront to help this company come up with an operating system dealing with cancer treatment. He is also the co-founder of Lightbank. This is a firm that invests in disruptive technology and what Eric knows.

Eric Lefkosky has also participated in the founding of Groupon in the e-commerce industry and the Up-take technologies that deals with predictive analytic. He has also established a family foundation that facilitates charity works around Chicago. He is also a member of the board of trustees in Steppen Wolf Theater Company and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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