Luiz Carlos Trabuco To Take Over As Acting Chairman Of Bradesco

After a highly anticipated wait, Brazil’s Bradesco bank recently came out with the announcement that their current chairman Lazaro de Mello Brando would be retiring from his position. Brando served for a total of seventy-five years at the company and will be leaving the Board of Directors, but will still retain his position in the company’s holdings.

The announcement was made by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who currently serves as the CEO of the company. The entire economic and financial industry was in shock after getting to know of this decision. It called for an immediate change in the company leadership that outsiders were not expecting.

Now, Bradesco Bank is currently in a progressing situation after which they will transition into their new leadership. The company has always followed the policy of electing people from within the company itself, to ensure maximum efficiency of the leaders who join in. The post of chairman too fill be filled out by the company in the same way. There are seven prospective candidates who people are speculating to be the next chairman of Brazil’s largest publicly owned bank. However, Bradesco has not yet released any official statements regarding this.

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Another unexpected announcement on, which stated that the company had decided to extend the term of current CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Typically, the company has provisions in place that ask their employees to retire once they reach the age of seventy-five. However, there have been cases in the past where the company has exempted people from this policy. The reason for this extension was because the company needed a leader during this transition period until they elect a new chairperson of the company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be serving as the chief executive officer and the chairman of the company side by side. The company has yet to announce when the new chairman will be elected into place, but speculators think that it will be somewhere around the start of the financial year in 2018. Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco is more than capable of leading the company, there is no rush or pressure on the board of directors to elect a chairperson soon. However, it would help ease the workload that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is now carrying on his shoulders.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an incredible leader to the company according to He has been working with Bradesco for an astonishing amount of time. During this time, he has brought significant changes to the company and has helped them develop and be the company that they are today. He is an incredibly innovative leader and has brought along several ideas that have helped the business grow and develop. He has always worked to motivate people, rather than to command them and possess incredible leadership qualities. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has also brought a significant amount of business to the company and has helped them retain their old clients as well. He has dedicated his entire professional life to Bradesco and has been working there for remarkable forty-eight years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a graduate of the School of Sociology and Politics Foundation in Sao Paulo. Soon after completing his education, he started working for Bradesco. He worked hard to climb up the corporate ladder, learning something new every step of the way. He has been a leader to several subsidiary companies of Bradesco before he joined the central office of the company.

The company is confident that Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be able to lead them efficiently until a new leader is elected owing to the incredible experience that he has to work at Bradesco.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Effort To The Bank Of Bradesco Sudden Success

It is not that easy to get your name on the frontline especially when trying to get to a top position. According to the sources, the situation in some places such as the headquarters of Bradesco can be very tricky when it comes to choosing a president.

Due to disputes and resistance, some of the previous presidents, Amador Aguiar and Lazaro Brandao could not manage to achieve more. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Carpi was, however, the first president among the first three whose name took the front line in the disputes. He had just succeeded the third president Marcio Cypriano. Cypriano led the bank astray because of his bad management procedures.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over as the bank’s president after he had been nominated as the vice president. The board of directors saw his potential, as he had been a loyal staff throughout his services at the company. Luiz Carlos started out as a clerk way back after completing his academics. At only 57 years old, Mr. Trabuco had already seen a brighter future of Bradesco. He also brought back the bank to its feed while it had lost its top position on the financial situation while under Cypriano. Itau Unibanco had just grabbed the first position when Luis Carlos stepped in, but it was not long until it was out powered. According to the sources, Luis Carlos purchased the Brazilian branch of the HSBC. A reason as to why it managed to acquire back its top position in the banking rankings.

Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi election, Bradesco performance has with time experienced a vast upgrade. For instance, the banks market value has tripled from the US $5 billion to about US $ 30 billion in the last nine years. in addition, Bradesco’s seguros market shares received a total premium of 23% to 25 % as its contribution profit also rose from 26 % to 35 %. To date, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has proved to be the top in the ministry of the finance sector. Many executives have approved his name as the most skilled president.

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