Obsidian Energy: In Pursuit of Greatness

Did you know that oil and gas are two of the most commonly used substances on earth? These two substances are known as fossil fuels, and they are highly efficient in their manner of use. There are oil and gas companies all around the world today, but there is one that stands out among the crowd. Obsidian is one of the very best oil and gas companies despite its intermediate size. Yes, you can find some similar companies that are larger, but it would be extremely hard trying to find another company that is more efficient.


Obsidian Energy has a very impressive resume thanks to its great business-practices, and its long clientele list. The company is actually headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and it has been around since 1979. The company’s oil reserve fields are located in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin of Calgary. These extraordinary fields are very rich, and it is in a region that hosts the world’s largest petroleum reserves. On top of that, Obsidian Energy just so happens to be one of the 60 largest companies on the prestigious Toronto Stock Exchange. This company is all about building a successful business-portfolio. In 2008, the company reached its peak market value of $9.5 billion. Of course, none of this has happened by chance. This company has always had great leadership as well as hardworking employees. President and CEO David L. French has progressively taken Obsidian Energy into the 21st century with a full head of steam. See This Article for related information.


Obsidian Energy has made many changes throughout the years. The company was once known by many different names such as Penn West Petroleum, Penn West Energy Trust as well as Penn West Exploration Ltd. Thanks to its rich and efficient oil fields, the company will continue to push the boundaries in oil and gas productions.


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