Why Joel Friant Developed The Original Habanero Shaker

Entrepreneur Joel Friant is passionate about a lot of things in life. He says that he is a free market enthusiast and really enjoys starting new companies and coming up with novel ways to solve problems. He also says that he is passionate about helping other succeed both personally and professionally. He has written a number of articles to help others succeed, some talking about his concept called “The Income Thermostat” that shows people how to increase their incomes. One of his biggest passions, though, is for habanero peppers.

Joel Friant has experience in a number of industries. He has worked in the real estate industry as a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, a home repairman, and as a house flipper. He has also owned a restaurant and has now developed a deep interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

It was when he was in high school that Joel Friant was introduced to the habanero pepper. He immediately fell in love with them. He’s even visited Jamaica, partly so that he could try out a variety of habanero that grows there, the Scott Bonnet. He wanted more people to discover how great habaneros are so he started a company so that he could sell small canisters of habanero flakes. Joel Friant says that a lot of people regard habanero peppers as being way too hot. He says that when they are in a dried, flaked form they are the perfect heat and not too hot at all. Better still, he says that the flavor is still there in this format.

His first product featuring flaked habanero was called The Habanero Shaker. He sold this starting in 1995. It was on the market for a number of years, sold in Washington state grocery stores, before he turned his attention to his other businesses. He relaunched the product, though, as The Original Habanero Shaker in 2012. Just like the original it contains nothing but habanero flakes. It can be purchased on Amazon and The Original Habanero Shaker makes for a fantastic alternative to other pepper-based products such as Tabasco.

Learn more about Joel Friant: https://ideamensch.com/joel-friant/