National Steel Car Tells Gregory Aziz Welcome Aboard

It’s full steam ahead with Greg Aziz at National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz or Greg as some people like to call him has joined forces with the leading railroad freight and tank car manufacturer in North America. National Steel Car has been making cars for over 100 years and they give credit where credit is due. The company knows all of this success is because of hard working people. One of the people who is making things happen is Chairman and CEO Gregory J Aziz. You can rest assured that as CEO of an ever-growing company, Greg James Aziz won’t rest on past accomplishments.


One thing Greg Aziz is happy about is that he can save jobs in the railroad industry. Mr. Aziz understands that the world of the railroad is changing and has been for many years. With these changes come the potential for new opportunities to be laid using skill and vision. National Steel Car is still riding the rails on many levels. They are not throwing the brakes on the railroad industry because it is an important part of the history of the world. Gregory James Aziz is using every ounce of knowledge that he has to keep the wheels at Nation Steel Car moving forward in a positive direction. National Steel Car welcomes Greg Aziz with open arms because of his skill and knowledge.


With a degree in economics from University of Western Ontario, James Aziz is highly qualified to establish and maintain the teams that are needed to keep National Steel Car the leader of the industry. Not only does Mr. Aziz help the family and friends of the company he runs to keep their jobs year after year, he also supports charity activities and organizations. Mrs. Aziz and Greg Aziz himself have been donation to the most recognized agricultural fair in Canada for many years. The Royal Agriculture Winter Fair is an even well worth supporting and that is only one of Greg Aziz’s projects. He also helps the Salvation Army, The United Way and the Hamilton Opera.


Gregory James Aziz has been with National Steel Car for over 23 years and there is no sign of a slow down or a derailment. Greg Aziz is always looking for the next idea and opportunity to produce more cars and keep his highly skilled workers making ends meet both in the rail road industry and in life. See This Page to learn more.


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