Glen Wakeman Iconic Success

Glen is a person who has excelled in various fields incorporating entrepreneurship and in the finance expertise. He is also a successful writer, and his publications are meant to inspire young entrepreneurs who have ideas ready to be implemented. He is also the co-founder of the Launchpad, an organization that mainly deals with developing new software for businesses that are commencing. The software eases the management of the new businesses by the young entrepreneurs. They enable the entrepreneur to focus on the goal of the business and thus make a path towards achieving the business objectives. Notably, the software will enable the business visionary to be able to plan the tasks for his business and thus be able to have efficient time management.

According to Glen young business visionaries will need great support to be able to pass the start-up stage of their businesses and land on the growth stage successfully. He notes that the entrepreneurs should seek to have all the resources before starting to implement their ideas into viable businesses (ThePerfectReporter). According to Entrepreneur Wakeman, limited resources will always delay or frustrate the growth of any new businesses. He notes that forty percent of the businesses that do not pass the growth stage fail because of limited resources that were not foreseen at the inception of the business.

The resources according to Wakeman includes the managerial skills, finance, the labor required and the premise of the business. As a CEO of a company that supports or deals with business start-ups as the main clients, he is in a position to understand the expertise required to make an idea a successful business.

Notably, Glen Wakeman has vast knowledge from his educational background where he holds a degree in Business. He also has vast experience of more than twenty years in the world of mentoring and heading his own company. The software ease the management of the new businesses by the young entrepreneurs. Glen Wakeman holds a master’s degree Economy. With the economic expertise, he is able to provide great teachings to entrepreneurs to be able to analyze the market forces.

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