Amicus Therapeutics Making Their Mark on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Amicus Therapeutics is dedicated to helping treat sick people. There are many treatments available and research being done daily to find more. They are known for staying ahead of some diseases and helping to treat them. They are in the process of developing a first-time therapy for a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa. They have a platform that sets them apart from other companies and allows them to work with Pompe disease treatment and other rare diseases.


A Company That Runs on Technology


Amicus Therapeutics is in the process of developing technology that targets enzymes and to help slow down Lysosomal Storage Disorders. They are also using a technology called CHART to help create chaperone combinations with treatment that will help treat LSDs as well. Any strides Amicus Therapeutics makes with medical technology is a great help to the rest of the medical world. They also have a product called migalastat that is being developed to help treat Fabry disease. They’re doing big things for diseases that haven’t been the focus of a lot of medical companies out there and the patients they have in their treatment center benefit from it (


A Company that Advocates for Their Patients


Amicus Therapeutics are proud to be there for their patients. They are able to provide resources and answer questions for the families and be there when their patients need support. They do their best to incorporate patients feedback into their trials and the therapy they’ve had with them. They also do their best to educate as many people as possible about the rare diseases they treat. Amicus Therapeutics is happy to make waves in the medical world and also be known as the technicians who care. Their main goal is to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from rare diseases who can often feel overlooked.

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