Amicus Therapeutics Making Their Mark on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Amicus Therapeutics is dedicated to helping treat sick people. There are many treatments available and research being done daily to find more. They are known for staying ahead of some diseases and helping to treat them. They are in the process of developing a first-time therapy for a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa. They have a platform that sets them apart from other companies and allows them to work with Pompe disease treatment and other rare diseases.


A Company That Runs on Technology


Amicus Therapeutics is in the process of developing technology that targets enzymes and to help slow down Lysosomal Storage Disorders. They are also using a technology called CHART to help create chaperone combinations with treatment that will help treat LSDs as well. Any strides Amicus Therapeutics makes with medical technology is a great help to the rest of the medical world. They also have a product called migalastat that is being developed to help treat Fabry disease. They’re doing big things for diseases that haven’t been the focus of a lot of medical companies out there and the patients they have in their treatment center benefit from it (


A Company that Advocates for Their Patients


Amicus Therapeutics are proud to be there for their patients. They are able to provide resources and answer questions for the families and be there when their patients need support. They do their best to incorporate patients feedback into their trials and the therapy they’ve had with them. They also do their best to educate as many people as possible about the rare diseases they treat. Amicus Therapeutics is happy to make waves in the medical world and also be known as the technicians who care. Their main goal is to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from rare diseases who can often feel overlooked.

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Eli Gershkovitch putting Canadian Craft Beer on the Global Map

The beer has been a part of the Canadian social fabric for a long time. The first brewery in the country was established in the late 1660s and much more follow up to this very day. However, in recent years, Canada has created a name for itself for its mastery of craft beer. The art of making craft beer has become a point of pride among most Canadian brewers, and the Canadian public has become increasingly attracted to craft beer.



These dynamics have worked concurrently to herald the emergence of a robust craft beer industry in Canada. The number of craft beer brewers has grown exponentially over the past decade, tallying at 610 brewers in 2015 compared to 90 brewers in 2006. While a majority of these brewers are based in or around the major cities such as Quebec, Ontario, and B.C, the craft beer craze has spread into the countryside as well (LinkedIn). Now, many microbreweries are springing up in areas that are a good distance from the major cities and towns. The craft beer industry ha began challenging for a considerable portion of the beer market in the country. This creates the perfect playing ground for a healthy competition between the craft beer breweries and other breweries which had prior dominated the market.



It is perhaps in anticipation of such a scenario that Eli Gershkovitch shunned a career in law and chose, instead, to start a brewing empire. Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and chief executive officer of Steamworks Breweries. Steamworks Breweries is a craft beer brewer based in Ontario, Canada. It has created a niche for itself for producing some of the best craft beer and marketing the Canadian craft beer industry to the world. The man at the helm of this company, Eli Gershkovitch, is a lawyer by profession.



Eli Gershkovitch started Steamworks in 1995, long before craft beer became popular. He was inspired by a trip he took across Europe which brought in close contact with craft beer for the first time in Heidelberg, Germany. It is this experience that he would seek to introduce into the Canadian market and perhaps popularize in the country. However, he did more than just popularize craft beer in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch created a brewing empire which would grow beyond the country’s borders and make a name for itself the world over.



The 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship proved just that, as Steamworks Brewers Eli Gershkovitch was recognized for putting Canadian craft beer on the global map (


Osteo Relief Institute Can Relieve Your Osteoarthritis Without Surgery

People with osteoarthritis often experience pain. Here are some tips from Osteo Relief Institute to help you out.


First of all, you should try to lose weight. If you are overweight, the extra load can cause more suffering to your joints. You should exercise a lot so that you lose weight. Regular exercise also keeps your bones and your muscles healthy and strong. If you have osteoarthritis, you should go to a specialist who can help you develop your exercise and weight loss regime.


Besides exercising, you also have to watch what you take into your mouth. Your diet is very important. You should avoid processed foods and even foods that were cooked in restaurants (HealthGrades). Instead, eat homemade foods and a lot of fruits and vegetables.


You also have to take into account what you do for a living. If you have osteoarthritis, some things may be harder to do. An occupational therapist can help you figure out how to make changes to the way you do things so that they are easier and not as painful.


You also have to be careful about the medications you take. Make sure you are taking your prescribed medications on the schedule your doctor gave you. You should always seek medical help for checkups, and there will probably be constant pain. Things will change, and a doctor can help you out when the pain gets worse.


Osteo Relief Institute is based in New Jersey. It has a team of highly trained professionals and specialists who are there to alleviate your pain.


Osteo Relief Institute also has the best modern equipment and technology. This will ensure that you get the best quality care that offers long-term solutions.


All the technology used by Osteo Relief Institute is approved by the FDA. There is something for every need and patient.


Osteo Relief Institute offers solutions that do not involve surgery. Their goal is to help relieve your pain while avoiding surgery.

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Glen Wakeman Iconic Success

Glen is a person who has excelled in various fields incorporating entrepreneurship and in the finance expertise. He is also a successful writer, and his publications are meant to inspire young entrepreneurs who have ideas ready to be implemented. He is also the co-founder of the Launchpad, an organization that mainly deals with developing new software for businesses that are commencing. The software eases the management of the new businesses by the young entrepreneurs. They enable the entrepreneur to focus on the goal of the business and thus make a path towards achieving the business objectives. Notably, the software will enable the business visionary to be able to plan the tasks for his business and thus be able to have efficient time management.

According to Glen young business visionaries will need great support to be able to pass the start-up stage of their businesses and land on the growth stage successfully. He notes that the entrepreneurs should seek to have all the resources before starting to implement their ideas into viable businesses (ThePerfectReporter). According to Entrepreneur Wakeman, limited resources will always delay or frustrate the growth of any new businesses. He notes that forty percent of the businesses that do not pass the growth stage fail because of limited resources that were not foreseen at the inception of the business.

The resources according to Wakeman includes the managerial skills, finance, the labor required and the premise of the business. As a CEO of a company that supports or deals with business start-ups as the main clients, he is in a position to understand the expertise required to make an idea a successful business.

Notably, Glen Wakeman has vast knowledge from his educational background where he holds a degree in Business. He also has vast experience of more than twenty years in the world of mentoring and heading his own company. The software ease the management of the new businesses by the young entrepreneurs. Glen Wakeman holds a master’s degree Economy. With the economic expertise, he is able to provide great teachings to entrepreneurs to be able to analyze the market forces.

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Making his mark: Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman, a medical educator, and pediatric surgeon, has nearly 30 years of medical practice under his belt. As a Yale and UVA graduate, Dr. Holterman holds doctorates in both medicine and philosophy of immunology. He trained in pediatric surgery via his fellowship at the University of Washington Children’s Hospital and served as a pediatric surgeon for 15 years. Now, Dr. Mark Holterman remains an attending pediatric surgeon at Advocate Christ’s Children’s Hospital, while teaching at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria as a professor of pediatrics and surgery.

With a heart for pediatrics, Dr. Mark Holterman has dedicated much time and effort towards regenerative medicines, stem cell therapies, childhood obesity and cancer treatments. As a professor and surgeon, Dr. Holterman continues to pursue and charge the latest technology and therapy options for patients, while putting emphasis on preventative care and health measures. Of his many ventures, Dr. Holterman is also involved with the American Diabetes Association.

With the American Diabetes Association, Dr. Mark Holterman is part of a joint initiative to help reduce the rate of Type 2 diabetes in children and teenagers ( This intimate experience involves community outreach and education using the evidence-based curriculum, to get the general youth more active and aware of nutrition. This effort targets youth between the ages of 8 and 16 in order to reduce their diabetes risk, This education and resource is essential for battling the diabetes epidemic in the American population.

Another organization Dr. Holterman proudly supports is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. This charity strives to provide and improve medical resources and surgical care for Vietnam pediatric professionals. This organization, powered mostly by medical volunteers, organizes access, planning, and tools for the volunteers to make the most impact for the communities they’re serving.

Dr. Mark Holterman has had an impressive successful long-term career in his field and continues to serve with community improvement and new research and technology in healthcare. More on his research, practice, and philanthropic endeavors can be found at


Stream Energy Becomes Among the Top 20 Direct Selling Associations in 2017

Stream Energy Becomes Among the Top 20 Direct Selling Associations in 2017

Stream is known to be the leading energy provider with connected life services. It is also known as a direct selling Association. The headquarters of the stream is in Dallas, Texas. The company received a prestigious honor of being named among the top 20 direct selling associations (GCReport). This recognition is rewarded annually to the largest direct selling companies in the United States. Stream Energy company has been recognized by DSA four times since it was founded in the year 2005. The CEO of stream expresses it as an honor to be recognized by DSA four times. He also recognizes the employees, customers as well as the associates who have been with them even after moving to a new headquarter.

The company is mentioned as the leader in the energy industry that has played a part in building the economy as well as providing connected life services to the Americans. The president of DSA expresses that devotion and determination that Stream has made in selling their sales has set an example for the entire business model. Stream remains to be the leading energy and connected life provider that offers wireless, energy, protective and home services all over the country. Stream Energy has amassed over $8 billion since it was founded in 2005 as lifetime revenue (

Stream Energy is a privately owned company in the retail electricity provider industry. Its primary sales channels are by multi-level marketing. Stream energy services are now available in New Jersey, Maryland Georgia, Texas New York Illinois, and Pennsylvania. The other connected life services offered by Stream are available nationwide. This has made the company to be of great benefit to its associates who get these services wherever they are.

The company has been of benefit to people of United States as it has created employment opportunities for around 245 employees. This is one of the ways that this company has improved the economy of US.As expressed by the CEO Larry Mondry, Stream is looking forward to showing DSA more reasons to recognize their hard work .with continued devotion to expanding their sales to many people in the US, the reputation of this company will continue to be the best in the energy industry.


Jorge Moll role in revolutionizing health sector in Brazil

Jorge Moll is the owner of one of the biggest Hospital Group in Brazil, D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching. Moll for some years now has been advocating for the use of technology to improve the effectiveness of medicine around the world. His ideas are in sync with the direction of advancement in research globally such that it is rare to mention the importance of technology without hearing how it has helped shape the world of medicine (IDOR).


In the United States, for example, technology has infiltrated almost all the production sectors and manufacture of both goods and services. But notably, use of technology in the healthcare industry has opened the horizon of opportunities.


For this reason, Dr. Albert Chan, the current vice president of one of the second largest healthcare network in the US came to Brazil to spread the message. Dr Chan is going around the country teaching mainly the trends and how to incorporate technology to improve how health centers register and serve patients.


He gave an example of Google Glass technology that has made it easier for physicians to get all the necessary information concerning a patient with just single voice command. Use of such techniques has been proven to improve the delivery of services and to make the process more personalized (


The patient will be getting 100 percent attention since the doctor won’t have to consult files or other sources that could waste time. Also, use of technology eliminates instances of human error and therefore increasing the safety and raising trust on the medical prescriptions as well as the results.

Interestingly, smartphones and tablets are gaining vital position and usage in medicine industry; consider that over half of the world’s population possesses at least one Smartphone.


Phone applications are being introduced that help patients make appointments without having to make any phone calls.


Such innovations indicate a bright future for medicine. We hope that every health sector in Brazil including, hospitals, entrepreneurs such as Jorge Moll, startups, and investors among others will help us achieve these goals. It has been proven once and again that teamwork makes dream work. It is therefore necessary for all the economic stakeholders to work hand in hand to realize these objectives.

The Great Achievements of Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is a Canada based oil and Natural Gas Company. The firm has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has been operating in the oil industry for a vast number of years. In the recent years, the firm was the largest provider of natural oil and gas, and it used to in its early years of operation, the company was a Canadian Royalty Trust firm and later reached the peak of its production at the beginning of 2008, and was worth close to ten billion dollars. David L. French is the current CEO of the firm, and he has seen the company strive through all the challenges that most businesses go through in its daily operations.


Obsidian Energy owns some oil and gas wells in the broader parts of Western Canada and has successfully catered for the diverse needs of its customers over the recent years. Its gas fields are located in Alberta and operate in the Western Canada Basin, which is the largest and most lucrative petroleum reserve in the globe. The firm has strived to transform its operations since its establishment and has always adapted the modern ways of action to ensure that it moves hand in hand with ever-changing market trends to suit their clients.


Obsidian Energy currently produces close to thirty-one thousand bb per day, and this proves of its commitment towards achieving diversity in its production. The highly skilled and oil experts that the firm possess has seen it successfully meet most of its goals and aimed higher to achieve more. The customer services of the company are second to none, and the firm’s team of employees have always strived to maintain their customers as well as attract more for better sales of their high quality and affordable products. Obsidian Energy has grown stronger since its establishment and strives to acquire a stable growth for a better future. The firm’s team of employees have always put their best effort towards increasing the firm’s production as well as winning their customer’s trust. Obsidian has also offered its employees with safe working conditions and looks forward to growing its production in the coming years.


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Forging Ahead With Obsidian Energy

Mid-sized Canadian oil and gas company, Obsidian Energy has undertaken major changes that have redefined the company and its plans to move forward.


One significant change that took place involved changing its name to Obsidian Energy Ltd. from Penn West Petroleum Ltd. in June 2017.


The stock symbol will be “OBE” on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Shareholders reportedly voted 92 percent in favor of the name change.


David French, Obsidian Energy president and chief executive officer, said in a statement, that the company is in a good place with its positive assets, a strong balance sheet and a well advised hedging approach.


French also commented on how the company will address three specific standards which include managing regulated industrial and commercial choices to build and safeguard the importance of enterprises along with the persistent search for progress and improvement. The third standard revolves around how the company will communicate its endeavors with shareholders, partners and communities.


Prior to taking on his present position with Obsidian Energy, French performed the duties of president and chief executive officer of Bankers Petroleum Ltd. He was in charge of operational and commercial development and expansion.


In November Obsidian Energy disclosed its third quarter results along with its 2018 outlook.


According to the company, its three Mannville Wells have produced substantially above expectations and the third quarter program is doing better than anticipated. In addition, waterflood performance has been remarkable as the investment has begun to yield positive results.


French commented the third quarter and 2018 outlook are impressive indications for what the future holds.


Specifically, Obsidian plans to deliver roughly five percent production progress through its drilling producing wells. Plans also call for a concentration on shorter cycles and continued development of Deep Basin and Alberta Viking. Find Related Information Here.


The company’s oil and gas fields are located in Alberta with production coming from three areas, the Pembina Cardium, the Peace River and the Alberta Viking.


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How Trailblazer Doe Deere Became a Success

As someone who has blazed a new trail within the industry of cosmetics, Doe Deere is often asked about her journey to success. Anyone who has seen her line of cosmetics or photos of Doe, would quickly surmise she is not afraid of expressing herself. Often shown with brightly colored hair in shades of pink, green or blue, this female entrepreneur describes herself as being passionate about her freedom of expression. This passion led her to attend New York’s FIT in the hopes of creating her own line of fashionable clothing. She was pleasantly surprised by the following she received after posting images of herself in her fashions, which she had accented with her own unique style of makeup.


Although Doe Deere has become known for the innovative colors in her line of Lime Crime cosmetics, she had once dreamed of becoming a musician. Having moved to New York from Russia as an adolescent, she found herself motivated by the diverse culture found in areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan. In reflecting on her time spent in a band, she views it as a learning experience from which she obtained helpful insights into the world of business. During this time, she collaborated on writing songs with a band member who would eventually become her husband. This taught her how to work well with other individuals within the world of business. Learn more:


As a representative of her Lime Crime line of makeup, Doe Deere still utilizes her creativity to capture her looks for others to see. While these photos have become a point of inspiration for many others looking to unleash their own creative individuality, Ms. Deere did not always think of herself as a trailblazer. In fact, she often thought she was alone in her desire to have more vibrant colors available for cosmetics. The lessons she learned along the path to success are ones she is quick to share with others interested in creating their own successful enterprise.


When providing advice based on her own experiences, Doe Deere often speaks about following an inner passion. She believes every person has something unique to offer the world, which they can tap into by being in touch with their inner voice. The passion or love someone has for their unique talent is what will fuel them to succeed, just as her love of creativity fueled her to experiment with makeup colors that became the foundation for her company.